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5 Social Media Trends Dominating In 2015

We all know the main aim of Social Media. At first it was created for connecting people and for easier communication. But now, the way of its development has changed. Now, social media helps to represent people online. Facebook profile is like an online ID card.

All this affects the behavior of social media users. These people need different services. Information services, services for editing pictures, geosocial services etc. The tendency that we all see today led us to the way of thinking that social media is a synonym to the Internet at all.

So now we are going to talk about those trends that appeared during 2015 and how they changed our social media presence.

  1. Mobile internet

Social activity of people using mobile devices has doubled. Now 20% of their time people spend browsing different sites via their smartphones or tablets. Today people use PC to access the Internet only in 6% of all the time spent in social media. This index decreased by 30%, this is a really huge number.

  1. Visual services

No one can deny that there has been a boom of visual services this year. Instagram, Vine, Coub and Pinterest – all these services have become very popular. People now prefer photos and videos to text information. It is not surprising that these services now have such a great reputation and popularity.

  1. Geosocial services

Another trend is a popularity of geosocial services like Foursquare (Swarm) and AlterGeo. Users find it interesting to share their place of location and search some places to go nearby. A lot of companies from different industries now understand the attractiveness of such services and they advertise their services via them.

  1. Popularity of messengers

The more popular mobile internet becomes, the more often people use messengers. Such messengers as Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook messenger have become very popular as people now see the way of interaction via messengers as the base of their everyday communication.

  1. Automation of SMM campaigns

There appear a lot of opportunities to automate SMM campaigns. There are a lot of services which help you to make your social media life easier and save time. The amount of features they include is quite big:

– Monitoring social media and blogs

– Analytic tools

– Management of social media accounts

– Reputation monitoring

– Content generation etc.

The year 2015 has brought us many interesting and maybe somehow unexpected trends. The world is changing and so does social media. So we should follow these changes and gain profit from them.

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