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The problem of being busy

In the modern world people are always busy. They are always in a hurry; they don’t have time for meeting friends or relatives or for other simple actions. Despite the fact that now every person has devices with Internet access they only somehow ease our everyday to do list. Moreover, for some people such devices bring more problems than solutions. But have you ever thought that people who are always bent upon on all their tasks are not really productive? Some people like to tell everybody that they are always busy and swamped. I always think of this video when […]

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Two Parts of One Unit: Social Media and Content Marketing

It’s no surprise for any marketer that social media and content marketing march in step. The research that took place recently has shown that 93% of B2B marketers name social media as one of their top five content marketing tactics. Today marketers and not only them use social media to reach people, to drive their content wherever they want. And I think that it’s a great opportunity. Just imagine how simpler things have become now. But the aim of each marketer is to reach the biggest audience, in some cases – make them feel or think different. So it’s important […]

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Social Media Image Sizes: Quick Guide

Have you ever faced a problem when the images you were trying to use didn’t look well on the social media? Do you want to change it and make you image influential and attractive? We know how to help your business. Check out this guide to know all about image sizes of all most popular social media sites. Facebook As far as Facebook is concerned, there are several image sizes you need to use. So let’s have a look on the most widespread ones. Facebook’s recommended image size for your cover photo is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. […]

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The Advantages Of Using Social Media Management Tools

There was a huge rise of Social Media over the past few years. A lot of people and what is more important businesses started to build its online presence. And there is nothing unusual that there appeared a lot of different Social Media Management tools to control all company’s profiles and mentions at one place. It is useful, modern and saves time which in modern world is priceless.

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