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Chrome Notifications – New Feature

It not a secret that Push notifications take a great role in the life of websites and mobile applications. The readability of push notifications reaches 90%. It’s a great way to notify a user of anything you want to.

In this small article I want to talk about push notifications in Chrome. Why is it important? It is so because we in our turn added new functionality to Repucaution software. But at first you may ask yourself a question: why are push notifications is a better communication method than traditional means, such as email or chat? In short, because push notifications can engage users and share important information based on their anticipated questions or needs.

In Repucaution you can now receive notifications regarding your scheduled posts. When you have scheduled all the post you want, just allow Repucaution to send notifications. With the help of this new feature you will always be aware of your new posts. So try this new feature of Repucaution!



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