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Instagram 60 seconds videos – new feature

Don’t you ever feel sad when you wanted to show more of your video on Instagram and didn’t manage to because of the 15 seconds video length? If yes, that’s the news you gonna like. Instagram has announced that it will extend their standard 15 seconds videos up to 60 seconds. What is the reason? The company explains it like that: to “bring you fun, flexible and creative ways to create and watch video on Instagram.”

Instagram is sure that its users will like this new feature. Moreover, there are a lot of benefits not only for regular users, but also for businesses.

According to the statistics, the time spent on watching videos on Instagram has increased by 40% over the past 6 months. As for every company it’s important to get along with the users and try to interest them, and to make the number of them bigger. So I guess this innovation can attract more users.

iOS users in their turn will have an ability to create videos out of different clips from the camera roll. These new features will be available in several months.

As I said before this new feature is a great chance for marketers. Why? Only think about this: the longer the video the more you can tell your customers. You will have a great opportunity to tell more about your awesome product, demonstrate more of its advantages, advertise it better and consequently attract more customers.

And now we can only wait until this feature will be added and make prospects: will it be as popular as we think it should? How will users and marketers respond? So, we’ll see.

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