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Instagram New Feature: Multiple Accounts

Lately Instagram announced a brand new feature of their mobile app that will help small businesses a lot. It’s an ability to have multiple accounts and switch between them without having to log out.

This option surely is a plus for those business owners who have several accounts in Instagram and manage them regularly.

The feature can be found in the app version 7.15 available now for download on both Android and iOS from the App Store and Google Play Store.  The fact that now users can switch between two accounts is really helpful and saves a lot of time. Note that to use this feature you should delete you app from your mobile device and install it from scratch. What is more, you can have up to 5 accounts.

Why do we talk only about business owners not about ordinary users? Because for the last ones this option is not a must. And for businesses this is really great, as now they can move to a new level and offer their services gaining more profit. Moreover, now it is easier to separate your personal account with an account of your business.

Earlier the process of switching between two accounts was really tough. Users had to log out of the one account and log in with a new one each time they wanted to post from a new brand or person. And of course this process took a lot of time and wasn’t very useful. To make this easier there started to appear a lot of other apps. In the end you had to use 2 apps instead of one which is not great either.

Eventually Instagram decided to ease the live of small businesses owners and marketers having included this new great option. It is available in settings of your account.

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