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Latest Social Media Updates – What’s New?

March and the beginning of April has brought us a lot of new features of our favourite social media sites and applications. So let’s have a look on those brand new features that past month gave us.


Lately, Facebook has announced about their new messenger, which is a great change. According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s Messenger bot store will help businesses build automated response systems for fielding messages from potential customers.

Moreover, there is one new feature related to live videos. From now on when videos are live they will be treated as their own content type with greater ranking signals than recorded videos.


Firstly, Instagram has announced that it would extend their standard 15 seconds videos up to 60 seconds. The company claims that it will “bring you fun, flexible and creative ways to create and watch video on Instagram.”

Secondly, Instagram has improved its search functionality. Now you can search a user in the list of other peoples’ followers. I have always thought about exactly this point as it was something that missed for the better user experience. Now we can enjoy this update which definitely improves our usage of Instagram.


Twitter is now in the process of making its algorithmic timeline the new default; which means that people will have to opt-out rather than opt-in. It turns out the timeline, which wasn’t accepted well when first announced, so it may not be so disliked in the end.

Another new point is that the company recently made the decision to extend polls from one day to one week, or even for less than 30 minutes if desired.


Snapchat announced that it has now reached 8 billion video views per day; which means it’s now has the same amount of daily video views as Facebook. This is really interesting when you think about the perspective that Snapchat has 100 million daily active users, compared to Facebook’s one billion daily active users.


The new feature allows you to check what people from your area post. You can do this with third party tool designed to find YouTube videos in such a way.

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