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Mobile apps for businesses: is it a must have?

For big and small businesses having their own mobile app is not something unique nowadays. Developing its own application brings a lot of advantages to any business. It simplifies buying process, makes a business and its products and services easier to access, saves time and enlarges the amount of clients.

In previous years the developing of an application seemed unprofitable for a business. But now the entire situation has changed. We can observe a high rise in using of mobile devices and mobile applications nowadays. Consumers are becoming more open to engaging with brands every day. They tweet them comment their posts on Instagram and Facebook. The popularity of social media has also played a huge role in the development of apps for businesses.

One of the most important things for every business is to attract more and more customers. That’s why they do not only develop apps, they often make various promotions and specials which are available only with app. This makes users download apps and get all possible promotions and bonuses.

Is mobile app appropriate for every business?

According to this analysis, we can observe that companies from different spheres of market create applications. There were not only restaurants or beauty salons but also different courses and household services on the list. I guess that today almost every business can get profit from having an app.

What is the profit?

A survey that has been held recently, showed that 62% of the business asked are now on the stage of developing its own mobile app or already have one. Of those, 20 percent used their apps only for branding marketing, 30 percent have revenue generating apps and 50 percent use them for support and engagement.

According to the research, we spend 174 minutes on mobile devices every day. Mobile sales are estimated to have reached $74 billion in 2015 — up 32 percent from 2014. 30 percent of all online purchases by Millennials are done on mobile devices.

These showings are really impressive, so I think that the reason for developing an app is crystal clear.

What are prospects?

The prognosis is really fascinating. Non-game app downloads are estimated to grow 23 percent in the next five years, exceeding $182 billion in 2020. Smartphone adoption in emerging markets should see mobile app store downloads more than double between 2015 and 2020.

This statistics is also great for those agencies that provide mobile app development as the demand for their services rises.

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