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Reasons Of Using Emoticons In Social Media

You definitely noticed that the appearance of emoticons in our everyday written communication has become very popular. Do you imagine why?

In this article I want to talk about the reasons why people use and why they should use emoticons in their writing and social media on the whole.

The first emoticon appeared in 1982 and it was this symbol :-). Now we have a huge variety of these symbols, sometimes we don’t even know the meaning of them. In most of the cases this happens due to cultural differences.

Emoji Company has recently published a survey with the statistics of emojis and emoticons use. According to the research 92% of all Internet users regularly use stickers and emoticons. Women use them in 78% of cases, men are more reserved – they use emoticons in 60% of cases.

So why is it important to use emoticons? Let’s have a look.

Reason 1


As Social Media is developing more and more everyday people now consider use of emoticons as a status marker in social media. This research was done by Simo Tchokni and her colleagues of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.

Reason 2

Real emotions

According to the scientists people consider emoticons to be the real emotions on human face. Moreover it’s very useful to express your emotions via them because your partner in conversation doesn’t see you.

Reason 3

Positive in negative

It is true that emoticons can soften your not so positive message. Emoticons can make your negative message or offensive feedback less insulting. So why not use them?

Reason 4

Friendly appearance

Using emoticons in your messages can make you sound friendlier. Moreover, people often consider their conversation partner to be unfriendly or even rude if he or she doesn’t use them.

As you can see the tendency of using emoticons is really widespread. And as for me this tendency is positive one. So use :-) and be happy!

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