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The Influence of Facebook Messenger on Social Media

It’s not a discovery that social media plays an important role in our lives. For example you are now reading this blog, which is a part of social media too J. So as social media has become the great part of our lives a lot of companies have been using it very productive. According to one study, 67% of the people polled use social media to address a customer service issue. And that is significantly.

Moreover, the same study says that millennials are more likely to engage with businesses online and that quick and quality customer service on social is important for consumer satisfaction with brands and businesses. As younger generations are online forever it is more useful for them to ask any company something online than make a call, for example. It is also faster and more convenient, that’s why a lot of businesses today have social media accounts, and not only they have ones but also they are active users in there.

According to all this Facebook messenger can become the thing that may change or make a great impact on the way all communication between a customer and a business happens online.

Why using such messenger is great?

You know that the conversations that are lead in social media if there are some complaints for example can be distractive and even annoying. That’s why the use of messenger can solve this problem. Moreover, all these complaints don’t favor your reputation. The communication inside the messenger is personal so I guess it’s far better.

Your responses become faster. Time is crucial in addressing customer service issues on social. The longer the wait for the customers, the worse it is for the concerned business. Fast response time also calms down angry or unsatisfied customers and keeps them away from losing their faith in your brand.

You provide real-time customer service. Much like a live chat, private messaging can offer businesses a chance to quickly answer or guide customers during purchase decisions or resolution of problems as they arise.

As an example of successful using of FB messenger I want to tell you about Hyatt. It was the first business to use it. According to Wired, the number of customer inquiries received through Messenger increased ten-fold for this travel giant.

As you can see there are a lot of advantages of using the Messenger. And as far as it concerned, it will definitely change the way of communication on social media.

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