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Why To Use Automated Social Media

Today we all lack time – our most precious resource. And of course we need this resource when we use social media. Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you spend a lot of time on your everyday social media channels? If yes, it’s time you thought about the automated social media.

Now I want to dwell on the things that social media automation can help to achieve.


  1. Creating persistent social presence

According to the study one of the main reasons of unfollowing different companies in social media was their inability to create consistent content.

There are several reasons why this is happening. It can be lack of money and educated stuff for doing this, and of course time. And definitely those companies cannot gain all the advantages from social media.

Using all the features of social media automation can solve all these problems.


  1. Creating and following your own plan

Automation of social media helps you to create your own strategy, content, choose the best time to post, frequency of posting and do it all in advance.

Another great feature is the ability to monitor the level of engagement received and then if needed transform your strategy to get more likes, retweets and shares. With the use of the software which has automation all this becomes easier and more available.


  1. Time saving option

And of course, the main one. Just imagine: you have one dashboard of all your main social media accounts and you create all the posts once and you don’t need to come back to this for several days! Isn’t it great? For sure. But you shouldn’t think that saving time means spending less time and attention to your content. It still stays the priority for you. And one more thing: despite the fact that your posts are automated you should keep an eye on interaction that arises in your posts to stay in touch with your customers and clients.

And now I want you to look at the list of several main options social media automation tools can offer you.

– Calendar and post scheduling

– Bulk upload (an ability to download a csv file with all the posts and other information)

– Recurring posts ( an option to choose a definite time and date for your post to appear)

– RSS feed (allows easily distribute content from company’s corporate blog into all supported social networks)

As you can see there are a lot of advantages of using social media automation. Now it’s your time to react and become successful in this!

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